House Rules

House rules

Welcome to Villa AGAVE!

We want to inform you about the house rules so you can have a pleasant stay in our house. For any futher information read the book of information.

Every guest is expected to follow the House Rules.

    • Accommodation unit is free from 15 p.m. on the day of arrival till 11 a.m. on the day of departure.
    • During the stay, host will provide all the necessary information and help.
    • During the stay, guests need to keep the accommodation clean and tidy. It is desirable to leave the house as it was on the arrival. Detailed cleaning and tidying is done by the host once a week and every time new guests come.
    • Host provides cleaning of the swimming pool every week.
    • We appreciate you respect the security warnings for using the swimming pool.
    • We appreciate you do not enter the house wet after having used the swimming pool.
    • Host provides guests with towels, bedlinen, kitchen cloths, toilet paper, hygiene articles, cleansers, liquids for washing the dishes, beach chairs and sunbeds.
    • Bedlinen is included in the price of stay and gets changed when new guests come while guests who are staying longer than 7 days are provided with clean bedlinen every 7 days.
    • Towels are included in the price of stay and every guest is provided one big towel, one small and one pool towel, a week.
    • Guest are kindly requested to take care of their possessions and valuable things left in the accommodation unit because the host is not responsible for their eventual loss. The host will do everything that is in his power to protect and warn the guests about the possible danger.
    • Do not leave your valuable things in cars.
    • We kindly ask you to turn off electrical appliances (except eventually one light), close the pipes, the windows and door when leaving the house.
    • Please, close sunbeds and umbrellas on the terrace during poor weather or before leaving the house.Host is not allowed to enter the rented unit when guests are absent. There are exceptions in particular situations when it is necessary to enter the house in order to prevent possible damage or danger. Host is obliged to inform the guests about the former in their first contact. In case the host has grounded doubts that there has been done some damage and the house rules broken, guests are obliged to let him enter the rented unit in order to check.
    • It is not allowed to bring any weapon, flammable and explosive substances, things that have a strong and unpleasant smell. During the stay, guests are allowed to use all the devices that are available in the house; following the instructions for proper usage.
    • The use of equipment and devices that are not a part of the house offer is allowed only at host’s permission. This rule does not refer to electrical appliances for personal hygiene.
    • Smoking is not allowed, as well as lighting the candles. We appreciate you respect the rules.
    • We kindly ask smokers to use space under the verandas, two terraces of the upper rooms as a place for smoking, using the ashtray.
    • It is not allowed to light fire outside the determined places. Do check the fire is out before leaving the house and do not let it unsupervised.
    • It is not allowed to move the furniture within the unit or move the furniture from the interior to the exterior of the house (chairs from the kitchen on the terrace, equipment for preparation and consumption of food from the tavern inside the house and vice versa, towels and blankets which are to be used inside the house shouldn’t be at the swimming pool! etc.)
    • We kindly ask the guests to take care of  the rented unit, furniture and equipment that are part of the interior and exterior of the house. We are extremely grateful for that.
    • We appreciate you wear slippers inside the house.
    • Persons who are not registered are not allowed to spend a night in the house or stay during the whole day, neither use the inventory without the host’s permission.
    • If guests intend to be absent for two days or more, host needs to be informed in advance.
    • In case devices malfunction and the equipment breaks down within the accommodation unit, inform the host immediately and the same will be fixed as soon as possible.
    • Find all useful information in the book of information.

Thank you for have chosen our villa for your holiday!

We wish you a pleasant stay!