CHANIA – Some of the most important events that take place every year

January 6: Celebration of Theophany and Blessing of Waters by casting the Holy Cross into the water of the Venetian port of Chania, the port of Souda, Kalamaki, Agia Marina and Marathi beach.

February-March: “Inokritika” | Exhibition for the promotion and elevation of Cretan wines with parallel events of wine knowledge and wine tasting.

March: Carnival events in Chania, Souda and Akrotiri.

March-May: “Get familiar with my city and respect it: Journey into history, on backstreets, into memories and colours of Chania” | A free sightseeing tour in monuments and archaeological sites, organized by the Municipality of Chania.

May 15-30: Anniversary events for the “Battle of Crete” (memorial events to the fallen soldiers and civilians of the Battle / cultural events).

June: “VENIZELIA” | International track & field meeting at the National Stadium of Chania.

May – September: Sports events in Nea Kydonia Municipal Unit of the Municipality of Chania that include: Beach Volley, Beach Soccer, Beach Handball and racket games.

July 15 – 30: Dance Days Festival | International modern dance festival in Chania with famous dancers and chorographers from Greece and many other countries.

July – August – September: Cultural Summer Events of the Municipality of Chania | They include music and stage performances at the theatre of Eastern Trench, Public Garden, Park of Peace and Friendship and other events in several Municipal Units and neighbourhoods of Chania.

August 1-10: Agricultural August | The successful exhibition of qualitative Cretan products and folk art at the Western Trench, organized by the Municipality of Chania.

September 1-10: Sardine festival | Sardine festival is being organized at the beach of Nea Chora by the municipality of Chania as well as various social and cultural institutions of Nea Chora, offering free sardines, wine, dance and music.

September 27: World Tourism Day | Festive events at the old port of Chania.

October: Tsikoudia festival | Dance and music events as well as revival of the traditional way of tsikoudia distillation at the Venetian Port of Chania.

October 15-21: European Local Democracy Week | Thematic events for local democracy knowledge improvement, as well as the idea promotion of democratic participation at a local level.

December 15-30: Christmas events in Chania.

December 31 –January 1: Festive welcome of the new year in the Municipal Market, organized by the Municipality of Chania.

APOKORONAS – Some of the most interesting events of this summer

On Wednesday 8th of July and Thursday 9th of July: the Municipality of Apokoronas in collaboration with the Traditional Music Association of Apokoronas “Charilaos”, the Kalives Shopowners Association ,the Kalives Cultural Association and the Amateur Fishers Association of Apokoronas “Karavos” host a two -day festival of traditional dances from all the parts of Greece.

On Thursday 30th of July: the Municipality of Apokoronas in collaboration with the Cultural Association of Asi Gonia “Saint George” hosts the presentation of Cretan Wedding ceremony in Asi Gonia with musical and dancing groups and traditional songs ( rizitika).

The matrimonial procession accompanied by musicians and singers will cross the paths of the village ending in “ Potistiri” where a celebration will be held.

On Monday 17th of August and Tuesday 18th of August: the Municipality of Apokoronas hosts a two-day event dedicated to the legend of the lake.

On 17th the inspired violoncellist Mihalis Hoibel performs a play specially created for the legend of the lake with photos projected onto a screen

  • Performer : Katerina Kalemaki
  • Choreographer : Sophia Falierou

On 18th there is a dancing performance aiming to inform the audience through dancing, pictures and narration about the legend of the daughter who has been seen walking on the lake combing her hair and mourning as she was cursed and the city she used to live sank and was replaced by the lake of Kournas.